Thursday, May 25, 2006

Painting on Glass

Below are some very fuzzy, unfocused, slightly crooked snapshots of the glass cabinet doors my Grandma asked me to paint. It took a few weeks, not to mention 7-hour-long sittings per day, to complete (mainly due to numerous coats of paint because the paint company lied to me about the finish's opacity). I only wish you could better see the detail in the pieces, because I'm a bit amazed at how well I was able to detail it all. The glass doors were both just too big for me to be able to zoom in enough on the entire thing. After putting a clear varnish on the finished pieces, I laid them over a black sheet to get the effect had they been on the actual black cabinet.

Full shot

Left panel

Right panel

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Rick said...

Very cool! You need to take better pics of that!