Thursday, October 09, 2008

In A Rut?

I've been finding it hard to finish a lot of projects that I start lately... I'll get an idea, get excited about putting it on paper, and then halfway through, the desire to see it as a finished piece just disappears. And it gets put aside...and forgotten about. I emptied out one of my closets and rearranged it to be an organized art supply area, and amongst moving so many things, I found numerous pieces of art that I had created so long ago...and those, too, were unfinished. I wonder if other artists go through the same thing... not finishing so many pieces?
It's a lot easier for me to actually see a project through if I'm at an art workshop or class rather than at home on my own time. Away from the house, it's so much easier to immerse yourself in your work...the determination seems stronger. Surrounding yourself with other artists, even for only a couple hours a week, can do wonders for your creativity. I've been going to an open studio night at another artist's house, and it's actually helped me to be productive. Maybe that's all I needed to help me get back on track. And I'm making it a point to try to go every week now.
I want to do more artwork, be in art shows, hopefully even sell some pieces. It won't happen overnight, and the current economic state won't make it any easier. But at least I'm on my way to step at a time...


josh pincus is crying said...

wlecome to the life of an artist.
don't give up, kiddo.

Rick said...

Being around other creative people and their inspiring you to work is so true.

My wife Regina and I both circle around doing the same type of things at different times: writing, sculpting, etc, but are very, very lazy (laugh), and have a house full of half-completed projects from both of us.

I might have been really lazy or had no desire to write recently, but if she suddenly says she's started ideas for writing one of her own stories again, I suddenly I am interested in doing my own writing as well, riding her creative high. ENJOY THE SYNERGY and take it where you can get it! :)