Monday, February 02, 2009

"Cloud Watching" in a Painting

Acrylics and Colored Pencil on Bristol
Here's a better shot of the actual colors (Digital Cameras don't capture some colors very well), although this image is a little blurry:


Nicki said...

Hello Love,

It's Nicki from work. OMG! You def. are an artist going to Fame. The ones I think are the best are the 2 first ones, the girl is amazing too. I wanna see more! Should go to more studios and def. show that amazing work of yours! Well I am so proud keep up the marvelous work. LoL. If you have myspace or facebook should add me.... Well ttyl see ya later.

Nicki said...

Ok so just looked at all your art and seriously Becki, why do you work at Toys R Us'? You should be out in the world showing your art to everyone. Their amazing pieces of art. Go be an art teacher, or open up a studio. Just go show that work to the world and one day you'll meet the right people and all your dreams will come true. Well congrats on being an amazing artist seriously go out to the world and show your art. I am gonna kidnap you and your art one day and were gonna sit in Chicago and get the views on what people think about it. I bet everyone will love em! So beware. lol well thats awesome. Keep the magic happening!